Chelsea design on Pea Green dyed silk

Earlham design on Sung Blue Williamsburg

& Honey silk Damask

Early Views of India design on antiqued

scenic paper-copyRight_Interior by Henrietta

Giorgetti Showroom 2010 display, Milan

Guinevere Antiques, Shop Display, London

Hotel Daniel, Paris

Jenny Packham Boudoir,London

La Chasse de Compiegne design on

scenic paper-copy right_Interior by

Rabaut Design Associates

Le Bresil design on Amarelo scenic paper

& de Gournay Louis XVI Lit

L'Eden design in Crystal Grey scenic

paper - copy right_ Haymarket Hotel, London

Old Gold with Antique Pearlescent finish -

copy right_ David Carter & Marc Rogoff

Plum Blossom design on Sterling Silver

gilded paper - copy right_ Giorgetti 2009

Temple Newsam designon

Tang Yellow Williamsburg - copy

right_ Interior design by David Carter